Financial Health CheckUp

The Financial Health Checkup Programme is a highly interactive financial planning session. Here, we evaluate your financial situation and provide specific guidance on issues which are most important to you. This service is not intended to be a comprehensive financial plan but it does covers following aspects of your financial life:

  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Children’s Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Any other which is highly important to you

The unique feature of this service is the interaction between us and you. The financial planning sessions discusses key points which are unique to your financial situations and addresses your area of concern. At the end of the session you are given a strategic plan which includes the actions you need to take to implement it. However, in this service, the responsibility for implementation and monitoring the plan is yours but you can always hire us on need basis to assess the progress you are making.

 How It Works?

 The financial health check-up normally revolves around two meetings:

 1. The First Meeting- This is a session where you get to know more about us and our services. On other side it gives an opportunity to us to know more about you and your existing lifestyle, your outlook towards your retirement, your area of concerns and an understanding on your goals, values, attitudes and objectives which matter to you most. Once we have discussed and you decide to hire us, i.e. we both decide to work with each other, we initiate the engagement process. A written engagement letter will be proposed to you which details the scope and  cost of our services. Once you have accepted the proposal by signing it, the quoted fee will become payable at this stage. On acceptance of the proposal and payment of the required fees, the fact finding process gets started.

 2.  The Fact Finding– During and after the first meeting, we will seek all the information which we require to analyze your financials. A detailed personally tailored questionnaire is sent to you, well in advance, to collect the information. This becomes the foundation of our analysis.  You may also be asked to fill out other questionnaires related to your life to help us learn in-depth of what’s really important to you.

 3. The Second Meeting – During this meeting we review your financial health which has been created on the basis of information provided by you. Along with numbers, you also receive our recommendation as to what path you should take which will be in your best interest. At the end of the session you will be delivered the strategic report on your financial health.


Once your financial health check-up is discussed and the strategic plan is delivered to you we will provide you support for the next 6 months through email.  During this period we will assist you in understanding your plan so that you are comfortable with what you’re doing. You can come to us with queries where you feel you require a hand holding in implementing it.

Our engagement will terminate once the six month period gets completed. However you can choose to come to us every 12-18 months to update your plan and to discuss any other issues that may have arisen since our engagement period. The fees for such engagement will be disclosed to you as and when you approach us.

  Who should go for it?

You have just started your career and desire to create a roadmap so that you do not make financial mistakes. Or you might be in the middle of your career wanting to plan for your family future but are unable to decide on the right strategies. Both of you are eager to learn yourself about your financial situation so that you can take right financial decisions. But you are not able to avail long term services of a financial planner. In both the situations getting a Financial Health Check-up becomes a much needed option where you benefit not only by self-learning but also seek measures for improvement. The biggest advantage to you is that it also allows you to seek advice from us on need basis i.e. as and when you require.

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The larger benefit of our Financial Health Check-up services is that it’s an interactive sessions where you understand in-depth about your financial situation and will be self-aware on the steps/remedies to be taken to improve upon it. We have kept our fee structure flexible enough to help you in taking that right step.

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